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"Terry made the complicated simple and easy to understand. Great knowledge of swing fundamentals."


Westchester, NY

"Whenever I have a problem with my swing Terry’s the first guy I call. Maybe the stronger compliment is whenever I have a beginner who needs a strong fundamental background Terry’s the first guy I call. He’s one in a million instructors that can make a golf pro better but also lead any level of player down the correct path."

Jim Dillon

Golf Professional

Greenwich County Club


Stamford, CT

"Focusing on Key Indicators really does make the approach to better golf easier.  Golf is not easy but to get better you need a sound approach" 


Stamford, CT

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WELCOME to Position A Golf Studio!

Position A  [puh~zish~un~ A]

-noun: the preferred option or outcome in any given situation


     Have you ever been at the driving range constantly watching your ball fly further and further away from your target?  Have you tried endless manipulations of the back swing, downswing, arms and body hoping for better results? Have you tried bouncing from one swing tip you saw on TV to another you read in a golf magazine with no real consistent results?  


     Its time to get on target at Position A Golf Studio.  There is no real secret to improvement.  Understanding how the club was designed to be swung is the first step to better golf.   Knowing your own personal tendencies and the results those tendencies lead to is the next step to meaningful improvement. 

     My goal with is to provide top level golf improvement and analysis for my customers. To achieve this goal I will be utilizing the GC2 from Foresight Sports with the Foresight golf software that enables the student and the instructor to analyze club, ball and swing data. This process will yield a more precise diagnoses than one would typically find on a driving range without the use of new technology.  Along with the knowledge of what your club and ball are

actually doing you will receive an emailed overview of what our session covered.  Keep this video in your game improvement folder for easy access and review in the future.   


     Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned low handicapper you can enjoy the private weather controlled setting of Position A Golf Studio for all of your swing improvement needs.  


Terry Slater Jr

"Die Hard" Golfer

My Daughter Sarah at Position A Golf Studio

Logan Working hard on his game at Position A Golf Studio 

Game improvement in action at Position A Golf Studio

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