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What is a Golf Lesson?

​On the surface this seems like a simple question.  But as all who play this game know, things are rarely simple.  I would like to root out the confusing and leave you with a simple understanding of what to expect during your golf lesson.  The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” from the players’ perspective.


  • Be Ready to Learn

  • Play with New Ideas

  • Be Positive 

  • Be Creative

  • Ask Questions


  • Be Negative - bad shots give us the most feedback so bad shot = good learning

  • Doubt Yourself - ask any tour player and they will say their good shots start before they address the ball

  • Self Diagnose - you may well be right but the camera and data will not lie, self diagnoses can lead to preconceived notions that aren't alway accurate

  • Be Afraid - trying new things can be scary but it can also lead to amazing results

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